Irminia Lentjes

Irminia Lentjes is a humanitarian photographer. She holds a degree in journalism. Over the years she narrowed the focus of her work on telling urgent stories by showing the personal. 

Where you grow up and who you become is a twist of fate. This belief is leading in the approach to her subjects. Sometimes a topical event is the starting point for a new project. Sometimes a life outside the focus of the news. She specializes in gaining access, intimacy and trust when dealing with delicate subject matters. She is aversed to a detached and objective attitude towards her subjects.  Because she trusts her instincts, for every image of her series she chooses the form that fits the atmosphere, the emotion and the story the best: black and white or colour, a vague or clear image. She is aversed to detached and objective attitude towards her subjects.


Publications and more

2016-01 # publication Vogue Man Nederland 

2017-03 # publication Fotolab Kiekie

2017-05 # publication Kunst is lang

2017-05 # publication New Dawn - portfolio


2017-05 # graduation Fotoacademie Amsterdam


2017-05 # group exhibition Reveal, Loods6, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2017-05 # exhibition Fotofestival Naarden, Naarden, The Netherlands 'My name Sue, how do you do?'


2017-05 # Book 'My name Sue, how do you do?'

2017-05 # Book 'Pauwen sterven niet'


2017-08 # Awarded as New Dutch Photography Talent 2018 by Gup Magazine

2017-09 # Unseen Photo festival Amsterdam shortlisted Book Dummy Award with 'Pauwen sterven niet'